Recent activities

Regional conference "Digitization in our lives"

The coference took place in Stara Zagora on June 15, 2018
Venue: ZaraLab Hall, Knyaz Alexander Batenberg Blvd 28

GREENDC Project was announced in Workgrop Seminar "Challenges and opportunities to the IT sector in the region".

Over 30 participants were involved in useful discussion, after Stanimir Yovchev's presentation of the GREENDC Project.

Real experience of DAVID Holding in MSCA-RISE program projects revealed the possibilities for regional IT business.

Seminar to GTU students and project staff, 17 April 2018

The seminar was kindly organized by GTU GREENDC Team and took placeafter a C++ course session, with students intrested in WEB programming.

DAVID Holding GREENDC project manager Stanimir Yovchev, introduced a common essentials of the project, mainly accented to DAVID Holding's contribution anddifferent tools for developing contemporary user interfaces (UI).

Many questions were answered, according to student's interests.

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