DAVID Holding Company (DAVID)

DAVID Holding Company (DAVID)

Beneficiary profile and key staff

General Description

David Holding is a private partnership, JSC, founded on 1994 as provider of Design, Animation, VIDeo products and services, where form the company name is created. Since the end of 1995, DAVID Holding transited his activities toward software development.

After 2000, the major focus of the company is to provide software products, solutions and services in the following areas:

  • Enterprise software development
  • Knowledge management and electronics learning
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and engineering services

With more than 21 years field experience in the above areas, and having the extensive support of our world recognized partners, the teams of David Holding are ready to face any challenge in development, implementation, and post implementation support of software solutions to bring real values to the customer's business!

We work with over 300 clients in the following areas: industry, banking, insurance, educational and health institutions, state and municipal administrations, NGOs and others.

The company employs 62 staff, of which 40 are engaged in the development and creation of new products.

Role and Profile of key people
Key Research Facilities, Infrastructure and Equipment
Independent research premises?
Previous Involvement in Research and innovation projects

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